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The Love Story

GIGI WOO Fashion embodies affordable luxury!

GIGI WOO is proud to be a lifestyle brand that focuses on comfort and quality for the fashion enthusiast. We hail from a generation of dreamers and doers that cultivate a thriving spirit, while causing necessary disruption to affect social change. We design with the Millennial woman in mind. Someone that wears many hats and is pulled in many directions on a daily basis. In our designs, we exemplify bold, and a seductive yet minimal aesthetic. We seek to thrill and inspire with provocative imagery and striking designs to ignite the senses and cradle the body.

Fashion is in our DNA, but we don’t like the idea of compromising comfort for fashion. We knew that in creating this brand, we wanted it to appeal to people who have a busy lifestyle and don’t always appreciate rigid, stiff and uncomfortable clothes. We challenge our design team to create pieces that are to fashionably fit in every situation you find yourself in, without sacrificing a superb fit and stretch. Through endless amounts of planning, research, and sourcing, we’re proud to present you with something that fits, makes you feel not just sexy, but also comfortable. Underwear is just the start! We’re up to this challenge and we’re excited to bring you with us along this journey.

The Brain

Gigi began crafting her online image in 2013 with her motivational advices, eclectic style, ambitious mind, and larger than life personality.

Gigi is not afraid to aim high and boldly embark on new ventures with more courage than experience. In the summer of 2017, she launched her blog According to Gigi Woo to showcases her love for fashion, beauty and motivating other women to tap into their higher potential.

The following year, the concept for GIGI WOO Fashion was born. With a lot of time and careful planning, through setbacks and heartbreaks, Gigi was able to finally bring her dream from concept to reality.

GIGI WOO Fashion is a lifestyle brand that focuses on providing affordable luxury to the busy Millennial woman and to fashion enthusiast.

The goal for GIGI WOO Fashion is to not only create an impact locally and nationally, but also be branded to have a global influence.

Gigi believes that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and making them a reality. Her motto is “Be afraid, but do it anyway!” Thru that motto, she strives to encourage, empower and inspire women around the world to dream big and thrive in whatever and wherever their passion leads them. 

GIGI WOO Fashion is here!